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Royal Hill Palace was designed primarily for large festivities and can meet all of your requirements.
It has two halls: Rubin Hall, which can hold up to 200 people, and Banquet Hall, which can hold up to 600 people.

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Royal Lobby

Enjoy the grand atmosphere of Royall Lobi under high ceilings with elegant design. Our staff welcomes you and guides you every step of the way so that your party is realized as precisely as possible according to your requirements and your guests experience extraordinary moments.

Banquet Hall

ROYAL HILL BANQUET HALL is a brightly colored hall that suits any occasion, from small parties, conferences, circumcisions, engagements, and grand weddings.

Rubin Hall

The Rubin Banquet Hall is a hall with very admirable colors, suitable for all kinds of parties and meetings, whether small or large. As the name suggests, your night will be magnificent with our arrangements.