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Enjoy our freshly prepared menus, which are created for you with care and passion by our experienced chefs.

Restaurant romantika

This restaurant offers cuisine at the highest level and is characterized by authenticity. There is a gastronomic variety and perfect handicrafts. Here, the love of tradition is combined with great passion and the courage to be creative.

Event Hall

The event hall is intended exclusively for private events. The garden of the Romantika restaurant, closed to the public, offers a fascinating view where you can enjoy your stay with your friends and loved ones in complete privacy and tranquility.

Winter Garden Red & Blue

For your private, family or business celebration, Winter Garden offers you the best taste of our food and drinks. Surrounded by the beautiful Romance Garden with various decorative flowers and trees, fountains and other impressive decorations, you will feel comfortable and full of love here.

Restaurant Vali Ranch

Treat yourself to a dining experience like nowhere else at Vali Ranch. Immerse yourself in the rich aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean as our expert chefs prepare each dish with the utmost precision and dedication to quality. From delicious grilled meats, fresh seafood to fresh handpicked vegetables. Every bite at Vali Ranch is a symphony of flavors.

Steak House

Those who have missed the taste of extraordinary meat can experience it again in their favorite place "Steakhouse". We invite you to visit us and taste the irresistible taste of the best quality meat. We warmly welcome you to enjoy our original recipes in a luxurious environment!

Wine cellar

Në listën e verërave do të gjeni verëra të përzgjedhura nga të gjitha rajonet e njohura të verërave të Francës, Italisë dhe Spanjës, por kryesisht ofrohen verëra rajonale. Verërat e Rahovecit janë të parat. Verëra të shkëlqyera me shumë shije dhe finesë për t'u zbuluar. Qoftë e bardhë, e kuqe apo rozë, ne ofrojmë diçka për çdo shije. Merrni rrugën për në Perlepnicë dhe shijoni verërat tona. Ne do të jemi të lumtur t'ju këshillojmë për zgjedhjen tuaj.