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We would be happy to welcome you to visit our stables-
an attractive meeting place for young and old.
Come and visit us to interact with our finest breeds of horses for horseback riding.


Riding - a very noble activity that rewards your overall well-being, through the special interaction that is created between the horse and yourself. Our ranch is characterized by innovative ideas and many years of tradition with horses. We offer RIDING COURSES, TRIPS, TRAINING & EXPEDITIONS for all ages. The doors are open to future riders!

Our horses

Get to know our horses! In our offer you will find horses suitable for all ages and levels of riding. The Vali Ranch provides stables that meet a demanding western standard. Here you will encounter horses of the highest pedigree, beautiful and trained to a high standard. These horses are available to all horseback riding enthusiasts who can take short rides around the resort grounds or even outside the ranch in the magical natural surroundings.


At Vali Ranch, children learn how to ride ponies, a very fun activity for children. At the same time, they can pet the beautiful ponies and learn that animals should be treated well.

Equestrian expedition

Experience unforgettable moments along the mountain paths of Karadak, Zhegoc and Koznik. We offer adventure travel for groups from two to 10 people. Expeditions are preferred for people who know horse riding well. Depending on your level, we also adapt the terrain for riding.

Lama & Alpaca

Llamas, as attractive animals from South America, are a very interesting attraction to visit at Vali Ranch Resort. Their unique beauty is undoubtedly unprecedented in the northern hemisphere, especially here. For our little guests, llamas are the first priority when visiting us.

Koi Fish

KOI fish, which are traditionally known from the Far East, especially Japan. Their very attractive colors in our beautiful pools give you a very relaxing feeling and connect you with nature.

Kids & Fun

Our whole resort would not make sense without the hospitality of our little friends, the dearest ones, who are an inseparable part of our arrangements. Play corners, on every side of the resort, the organization of holidays such as Halloween, Summer Festival, Ladybug festivals, the organization of end-of-year holidays as well as many other cultural activities for children, are undoubtedly an indicator of the importance in children's happiness. Come with your families and satisfy everyone.

Mini Golf

The professional mini golf course in our region is a novelty. It was designed according to the latest standards for the promotion of this sport. Miniature golf creates opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment while also providing an opportunity to be schooled in the most exquisite sport on earth.

Mini Karting

Mini kart tracks are an exciting and fun pastime activity specially designed for children. These smaller versions of traditional karting tracks offer young drivers the opportunity to experience the adrenaline of karting in a safe and controlled environment